Northwest Deuce Days

Car Show Making A Life 10

As a mom, I find myself spending my time doing things that I have no interest in. I don’t mean cooking dinner (which coincidentally I have no interest in) because that is a necessity, I mean things like spending a Sunday afternoon at the Northwest Deuce Days car show. Before kids I would never have dreamed of spending a hot sunny afternoon with thousands of car enthusiasts. But post kids I did, and will probably do it again.

Having children and boys in particular has changed my perspective in so many different ways. Assisting them to find hobbies and things of interest has brought me to many different events which I would never have sought out on my own. In the case of car shows I have opted to take the backseat and take one for the team. I can however use the opportunity to snap a few photos. My time is no longer 100% my own, but I can still on occasion sneak in my hobbies without detracting from theirs. I call that a win, win.


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