Halloween – Garbage picker?

Check out the milk jug skeleton DIY.

Making A Life

I stooped to a new low this week in my pursuit to make a milk bottle skeleton.  I went around my neighbour hood on the night before recycling day looking for milk cartons in my neighbours recycling boxes and I dragged Sasha with me.  Let me tell you that I have the best neighbours ever they actually wash out their milk jugs!!   The skeleton that you see hanging in the background of some of the pictures was made from 6 milk jugs and zip ties.  What an awesome almost free decoration, and fun to make too.  Here is a link to the instructions.

So I took the easy route this year and bought the kids costumes and did not for the first time in my life dress up for Halloween.  I put a lot of though into what I could be, but I just couldn’t find the time as I am…

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One thought on “Halloween – Garbage picker?

  1. lilzoom October 28, 2015 / 4:55 am

    Haha! Love it! So creative! Love the doggy costume too. Have a happy and safe Halloween


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