King of the Castle

king of the castleWhenever I get out crafting supplies one of my kids asks what I am making. When I told my oldest that I was making crowns to give as birthday presents for a couple of upcoming parties, he requested one. I had a crown pattern drawn with stars on it and when I showed him he requested more points and to change the stars to diamonds. So this project was designed by my oldest and sewn by me. He is my biggest critic, greatest source of inspiration and the king of the castle. At least one of the kings of the castle, my youngest is challenging him at every step. No one around here wants to be the dirty rascal.

My youngest is yelling to the neighbourhood “I’m the king of the castle you are the dirty rascal”. He is also sporting his superhero cape and his love shirt.

If you are interested in making a crown here is a pattern. If you are interested in buying one here is a link to my Etsy store.

4 thoughts on “King of the Castle

  1. kfaris11 June 3, 2015 / 7:54 pm

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    As my daughter well knows crowns of all sorts are very necessary accessories. If you think about what it must be like to go through a day with the imagination of a four year old and a crown on your head the possibilities are endless.

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