On the second day of Christmas…my mommy made me a stocking cap.

Seems that 2 years ago I was also writing about making hats that don’t fit. Maybe one day I will learn.

Making A Life

Sasha1Very recently I decided that it was time to re-learn to knit.  Years ago I made a scarf (I know…how original), but I figure with 2 little boys it is the perfect time to pick up the needles again.  I planned to knit both kids a hat and mitts for Christmas, but there was two little problems with my plan. 

Problem one: I am not exactly an expert at making things the right size so I needed to test the hats on the kids and that is where the dilemma lies.  If I test the hats on the kids heads they will know that I am making them hats for Christmas.  While chatting with my sister she mentioned that she is also knitting hats for her boys for Christmas, and she tries the hats on the kids while they are sleeping.  Her husband thinks it’s child abuse, I think that it is genius. …

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