Halloween – Garbage picker?

I stooped to a new low this week in my pursuit to make a milk bottle skeleton.  I went around my neighbour hood on the night before recycling day looking for milk cartons in my neighbours recycling boxes and I dragged Sasha with me.  Let me tell you that I have the best neighbours ever they actually wash out their milk jugs!!   The skeleton that you see hanging in the background of some of the pictures was made from 6 milk jugs and zip ties.  What an awesome almost free decoration, and fun to make too.  Here is a link to the instructions.

So I took the easy route this year and bought the kids costumes and did not for the first time in my life dress up for Halloween.  I put a lot of though into what I could be, but I just couldn’t find the time as I am nearing the end of my first semester as a graduate student to get a costume together.  But just because I didn’t have time to make the kids costumes didn’t mean that Sasha didn’t find the time to make his own!  He changed his mind every day during the last week, he was going to be a skeleton, monkey, dog and then a crossing guard.  He made his own stop sign with construction paper and a straw and I couldn’t have been prouder.  I can’t imagine what he is going to come up with next year but it looks like I might be off the hook.  There are a couple of pictures of Sasha in his dog costume too which he wore to the mall to trick or treat.

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