Logan’s Birthday Take 2


I love to entertain, and I am often looking for any opportunity to throw a party.  Logan had 2 birthday parties for his second birthday, one with family and one with friends.  I know that throwing parties can be a lot of work, and some people just groan at the thought of throwing one.  But it’s not work when you really enjoy the preparation and the party planning.  In truth Logan’s birthday was just another reason to get friends together and have a chat, get caught up and have a bite to eat.

Logan is learning to speak and is putting words together in an attempt to communicate in sentences.  Pulling a party theme from his common words and phrases we came up with a woof woof puppies theme.  Food consisted of hot dogs, smokies in crescent rolls, chips, veggies, and plums from the yard.  It wouldn’t be a party with out Happy Cupcakes which were also dog themed.  For the doggie bags I made the kids dog ears, and puppy treats (malt balls).  There were also balloons dog themed of course.

Pictures of the Logan and his friends at the party.

Keep celebrating!

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