Worms, Dirt & Sprouts

cupcakes 3

When I ask Sasha what he wants to eat for dinner, the standard responses are worms & dirt, or bugs & worms.  He is a five-year old boy, so no surprises there.  Now if he was served worms, dirt or bugs I am sure that his response would change.  Sasha graduated from pre-school this week, and I thought that these little sprout cupcakes complete with worms & dirt would be perfect for the occasion.

What you need to make these:

  • Chocolate mini cupcakes
  • Chocolate icing
  • Chocolate cookie crumbs
  • gummy worms
  • mint
  • mini clear plastic shot glasses

cupcake 2 helpercupcake 1


  1. bake & ice cupcakes with chocolate frosting
  2. dip the tops of the cupcakes in the cookie crumbs
  3. to get the little ones involved, give them a cold mini cupcake pan and the little glasses, have them put one in each circle
  4. Put a worm in each little cups – again a very kid friendly task
  5. fill the cups 3/4 full with cookie crumbs – Sasha did this task also using a spoon to scoop in the crumbs
  6. put in a mini cupcake (wrapper removed)
  7. top with a sprig of mint before serving (if you put the mint in the cupcakes and refrigerate the mint wilts)

The kids and some of the parent’s at pre-school loved them.  The kids loved pulling the worm out of the dirt.  I like them because they represent my little guy sprouting, plus they are fun.


Keep celebrating, baking and creating.

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