Lego Party

This will be the last post about Sasha turning 5 I promise, but birthdays bring out the crafter in me so I thought I would share.  We rented the gym of the local rec center for Sasha’s party for the second year in a row, it comes with a bouncy castle, ride on toys, and sports equipment.  But the very best part is that I don’t have to clean up after the party.  Sasha chose a Lego theme which was fine by me and quite easy to decorate for.  My husband and I have an agreement about throwing parties; he is always happily in charge of the menu, cooking and drinks.  I take care of invites, decorations, presents, and dessert.  This arrangement is also the way that all holidays operate and it works perfectly for us.

Every year I have made Sasha a birthday shirt to wear to his party, this year he requested dark green one which I found at Joe fresh for $1.94 and stamped FIVE on it, piece of cake.  Unfortunately for me I had to walk through the women’s section to get to the kids clothes so while the green t-shirt was a deal the final bill wasn’t $1.94.  Sasha and I made old school paper invitations to give to the kids in his class designed to look like Lego blocks.  We hung a felt Happy Birthday bunting over the table of treats which I whipped up.   Using Lego that we had on hand and a picture easel I made the 5 sign which Sasha now has proudly on display on his bed side table. The coloured boxes contained Slinky’s which I tried to decorate to replicate Lego blocks for the take home gifts for the older kids.  I love a bargain as much as I love making crafts and the Slinky’s were a steal at $0.75 each at Target.  The kids also took home candy Lego which Sasha and I packaged with a little thank you note.   I went to a couple of stores before I found Lego candy so hit up the Bulk Barn if you are on the hunt.  I also used the Lego candy to decorate the cupcakes along with a Lego/Five flag made from paper straws and printed images.  I made 3 1/2 dozen cupcakes for the 30+ people at the party.  The cupcakes are on a board which I made from 2 pieces of laminate flooring glued together and wrapped in aluminum foil.  I used the same cupcake platter last year because it’s a great way to serve the cupcakes, all of the kids can just grab one, or two or three cupcakes from the center of the table.   Sasha and Logan both had a great time, and I imagine all of the other little people did too.  Until next year.

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