4th Crainiversary

August 7th was the fourth anniversary of my brain surgery to remove a meningioma tumour. To honour the occasion I try and do something that I couldn’t do 4 years ago.

It’s not really that challenging because the day of surgery I couldn’t do anything. Keeping my eyes open was a challenge. In the days leading up to surgery I wasn’t living as active a life as I would have liked. If my blood started pumping my tumour started to hurt.

I am happy to say 4 years later I celebrated by running 15 kilometres. I’ve been training for a half marathon and today’s run was set to be a 2 hour run. My quads are killing in the best possible way and I will be sore tomorrow but I don’t care.

As I ran I thought about my hospital stay and 3 days post surgery I was just walking again for the first time. I remember holding the IV pole in one hand and my husbands arm with the other. He was holding me and my catheter bag, so incredibly romantic. I was wearing sunglasses in the hospital because I was super sensitive to light. The sunglasses left a huge dent in my freshly stapled head but I didn’t even feel it because I had an endless supply of drugs.

It’s amazing to think of those days in the hospital and the life I am able to lead post tumour. With almost no side effects I am a pretty lucky duck.

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