Family Crafting

Wow, that was quite the crafting/blogging break. It has been 3 months since I last posted, perhaps that suits my two readers just fine (thanks mom).

We have been crafting as a family. All four of us. I signed us up for a Halloween focused clay workshop not really sure of what might happen. My youngest is 5 and not so big into the crafts. My eight year old has crafting in his blood. My husband has a surprising knack for making things even though he would NEVER let you know.

This was a two stage class. In the first class we made clay bowls, which were then fired. We went back on a second day to glaze them. From the pictures it looks like we are the perfect little crafting family, but pictures can be deceiving. In reality my youngest son’s bowl was made primarily by his parents. When we went to the glazing workshop I squeezed/explode a bottle of blue glaze all over the table. And my little picasso dropped a brush full of glaze into my purse and onto my sweater. But surprisingly there weren’t any tears, so I consider the project a success.

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