Gryffindor Scarf

I am having one of those “where did the time go moments”. Today is my son’s 8th birthday, and it seems like yesterday that I was swaddling a newborn. I enjoy the independence that he now has, but I miss the baby cuddles. I have traditionally made my kids gifts for their birthdays (and every other holiday known to man). I don’t get many crafting requests from the boys, but this year a certain someone is enthralled with Harry Potter and he requested a Gryffindor scarf.

I have knit a few scarves in my day, but usually they are not worn. It’s a great easy project but when it comes down to it, scarves are not needed here. It doesn’t get cold enough. They do however become handles, bridges, leashes for stuffies and various other tools of creativity. But in Making A Life fashion, if there is a request for a crafty project I jump on board. Plus I sent my son into my craft closet to search for the colours of yarn needed and he returned immediately with the exact right colours, so how could I say no.

Should you need to whip up a scarf, and you are a muggle without magical knitting powers here is the pattern;

This pattern is knit in the round on either US 10 – 6mm circular needles or 4 double points. I started it flat and it started to roll so I switched to knitting in the round. The yarn is Lion Brand Vanna’s choice in Mustard and Cranberry. Also needed is a 6mm or larger crochet hook for the fringe.

CO36 (divide 12 stitches per needle if using double points)
Join for working in the round, and place marker
Knit 20 rows Cranberry
Knit 20 rows Mustard
Repeat Cranberry and Mustard rows until there are at least 11 squares in alternating colours, ending with cranberry
Using a crochet hook add fringe


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