Kayaking with kids

thetis-11-making-a-lifeWe are so fortunate to live surrounded by so much natural beauty. Thetis Lake is one such place just outside of Victoria. We made it to Thetis twice this summer, once for a hike and the second time for a paddle. The trails around upper and lower lakes are classified as moderate, and I was so proud of our youngest hiker who walked the entire trail without complaint.

After we got back from Ontario I looked into purchasing kayaks. I really enjoy kayaking, and my oldest got a taste while we were at the cottage, and loved it. Kids sit on top kayaks are quite affordable, adult kayaks not so much. I would prefer a sit in kayak but if something was wrong with my young paddler I can’t jump out of that type of kayak quickly, so I opted for a sit on kayak. Another selling feature of the sit on kayak is the ability to bring my younger son along for the ride. I took the kayaks out for an inaugural paddle and the kids were so excited to get off on a little island in the middle of the lake.

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