Pickle Pub Crawl – Victoria

Last weekend, I got pickled. I spent Sunday with a group of moms on the Victoria Harbour Ferry Pickle Pub Crawl. Unfortunately, we picked the only rainy day in Victoria all summer, but we weren’t going to let a little rain stop us!

With our Pickle Pub Passport, we planned out our stops, hopping from pub to pub on the harbour ferry boats. An added bonus of hopping from pub to pub on the Harbour Ferry is the spectacular view of Victoria’s inner harbour from the water.

Each hop brought us to a new location and we managed to hit 6 pubs over the course of the day. Our pickle pub crawl ticket included an appetizer (or two because there were 8 of us) at each location. Deep fried pickles, chicken wings, and fish and chips to name a few.

Of course there were also lots and lots of drinks too. My favourite drink of the day was a Coconut Mojito, it was amazing. Some of us were drinking beer and others were opting for cocktails but the end result was the same! A whole bunch of pickled people on the pickle pub crawl. It was the perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday in Victoria.

The fine print: I reached out to Victoria Harbour Ferry to see if they would be interested in a blog post in exchange for tickets, they obliged. The opinions in this post however are 100% mine.

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