Bumping Along…..It’s nearing the end of July and I still have a brain tumour

Brain surgeryIt’s been a while since I wrote specifically about Timmy. He seems to make his way into almost every one of my posts recently and that’s because it’s pretty hard to separate myself from him. As it’s almost the end of July and he and I are still stuck together you might have been wondering what’s up. Or most likely you are having a great summer and not thinking at all about me or my brain tumour, and if that’s the case, fantastic, good for you, I am jealous.

Timmy and I were originally scheduled to be separated on July 31 the Friday before the August long weekend. The neurosurgeon, my husband, and my parents were all on board with the plan (Timmy doesn’t get a vote) but unfortunately the hospital wasn’t very keen. About a week ago I got a call to say that I was being bumped to Friday August 7th because there was an urgent case that needed my date. I find it a little hard to believe that someone more urgent than me was still going to wait 2+ weeks for surgery. I think it was code for it’s the Friday before the long weekend and there isn’t the staff for your elective surgery. If the latter is the case than I am happy to move to a date that can accommodate the operating room staff, I wouldn’t want anyone rushing to get out of MY surgery to get to the cabin on the lake with a two four.

Couple of notes here:

  • in BC cottages are called cabins
  • beer is not commonly sold in two fours in BC, so it would be more like 4 six packs

RubesEarwormAt first I was a little upset by the change in date but that lasted for about 10 minutes, and then I was relieved. My parents were able to switch their flights by a week and were assisted by a lovely customer service person at Westjest that waived the flight change fee after my mom explained why they needed to change flights. Props to Westjet for being human. My surgery was planned for the end of July so that I could write exams, and still be able to go back to school in September. I will now have 4 weeks of recovery time and hopefully that will be enough. The surgeon said that I should be back to my regular routine in 6 weeks, so I am hoping that I am an extra fast healer. All that I have to compare this surgery to is giving birth and the removal of wisdom teeth, both of which took me way too long to get over.

Things are moving forward though I am spending the morning today at the hospital meeting with a pharmacist (my new BFF), an anesthesiologist (makes me think of LL Cool J and the song “momma gonna knock you out”), and a nurse (who will also be in the running for the position of new BFF). I am also having bloodwork, an ECG, and a chest x-ray. Sounds like a super fun way to spend a Friday morning, but I am going to do it without the kids and with my husband so it’s sort of like a date.

As of right now Timmy will be evicted on August 7th but you better believe that I will keep you posted if something changes.

One thought on “Bumping Along…..It’s nearing the end of July and I still have a brain tumour

  1. lilzoom July 26, 2015 / 10:44 am

    LOL The comics on your blogs are hilarious! I am amazed how your journey has been so far, thanks so much for documenting your thoughts, I can relate to some of it and feel like you are writing about my near future. All the best to you and bye bye Timmy on Aug 7. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. -lilzoom


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