On the eleventh day of Christmas…A scarf

If you are in need of a last-minute gift this is a quick handmade scarf perfect for a sister, mother, or wife.  I would be so impressed if my husband made me a scarf for Christmas.  All you need for this is a ball of yarn, and a skein of embroidery floss (that’s what a thing of embroidery floss is called which you can get from the dollar store) and about 20 minutes.

I used Patons Cobbles in Chargrey for the one pictured and black embroidery floss.

Thanks to Meaghan Patterson for this craft.

Picture 1 – Wool and embroidery floss
Picture 2
Picture 2 – start by looping the wool around your legs and tie the end
Picture 3
Picture 3 – continue looping the wool, and occasionally wrap the wool around the scarf to hold it all together, tie the end once all of the wool has been looped around
Picture 4
Picture 4 – Tie the embroidery floss around the section of scarf where the wool is tied
Picture 5
Picture 5 – loop the embroidery floss until it’s all used and tie the ends together. That’s it.
Picture 6 – me wearing the scarf
Picture 7
Picture 7 – finished scarf

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