Back to School – Week One

pom poms

Around the country kids went back to school but not here in British Columbia, we are in a holding pattern with the young ones because of a teacher’s strike.  But I went back to school this week.  I am officially a graduate student attempting to complete an MBA, online from home with a child hanging off each arm. Sounds appealing doesn’t it, what was I thinking.  Perhaps I will learn over the course of getting an MBA how to study from home with a five year old and two year old.  I am doubtful that they will teach that in an MBA program which is unfortunate, but it would be worth the price of tuition.


I did learn a couple of things this week though:

  • My five year old can make his own lunch, hooray.  I went to check on him the other day while his brother was at daycare and to see if he wanted lunch and he announced that he had already eaten.  He had made himself a sandwich with ingredients from the fridge, and cleaned up after he had finished.  He did eat right off the table because the plates are out of reach, so what I learned from this little exercise is…move the plastic plates to the bottom cupboard
  • My five year old can dress my two year old, and sometimes my two year old will let him, another huge win on the mothering front
  • My two year old can be occupied with putting pom-poms into a jar, and dumping them out again, for at least an hour.  Note to self, glass mason jars and two year olds don’t play well together.  Seems like something I should know, but I was a little preoccupied when I gave him a glass jar of pom-poms.  Obviously after cleaning up a broken jar I have learned my lesson.  In case you were wondering what kind of idiot keeps pom-poms in a glass jar the answer is ME.
  • Post secondary education like having babies is hard and should be done when you are young.  There is a reason why people used to have kids in their twenties and not their thirties or forties, again a lesson that I learned after the fact.  University falls into the same category, I am exhausted after the first week.
  • and the most important lesson is now that I am a student I can drink like one, bring on the beer bong, but we have to do it at 7pm, so I can get up at 6:00am or I risk a tiny person trying to pry open my eye lids.
nap time
Taking a study break

Until next time…

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