Living a spoiled life in the Seychelles

IMG_20140804_140449I have landed in paradise and I am living a spoiled life.  My day goes something like this, breakfast with my husband before he goes to work then a walk on the beach, a trip to the gym, lie in the sun by the pool reading a book, swim, nap, dinner, bed.  I have managed to fit in time for a couple of spa treatments and a trip to the shops.  I can now imagine what it can feel like to be a house wife with no kids who follows their husband around the globe.  Maybe after a while it gets boring, but in the week I have it’s not going to happen.

It’s nice to have someone cook, clean, do laundry, bring bedtime sweets, and put slippers beside my bed every night.  I fear that there will be a culture shock when I get home and those chores once again belong to me. I am getting spoiled and I love it.

My life is hectic with 2 little kids, a full-time job, my desire to make things constantly and the general demands of life.  I am not complaining I chose all of those things, but it really nice to take a break and just think and reflect on life.  I am relaxed and on my way to becoming recharged.

More on the Seychelles in the coming days, until then keep relaxing and recharging.


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