toothasaurusWe had a craft emergency this week at our house.  Alright I am not totally deluded, there is no such thing as a craft emergency, unless a glue gun catches fire and burns down the house.  But we did have an event that prompted the quick crafting of a Toothasaurus.  Sasha announced among tears that he has a wiggly tooth.  I can’t remember the first time that I had a loose tooth, but I guess a pretty natural reaction is fear.  Like Sasha I wasn’t expecting wiggly teeth quite yet, he is a week away from his 5th birthday so it’s the right time but I am in denial of my little person growing up.  After we talked about losing teeth and I reassured him that it’s a totally natural normal thing, we discussed the tooth fairy.  That prompted a browse on Pinterest to see what boy-friendly tooth fairy pillow ideas I could use as inspiration.  That was my plan anyway.  I showed Sasha a couple of pictures of tooth, monster and dinosaur shaped tooth fairy pillows and he decided that a dinosaur would be good.  But not just any dinosaur, the exact same one that I showed him a picture of on Pinterest.  So this is where I apologize to the person whose design I blatantly stole from a Pinterest listing.  In fairness the Pinterest link was to a store and they didn’t have any for sale anymore.  I also used a button as an eye instead of the googly one shown in the picture.  With technology as an enabling partner I printed a couple of pictures of the dinosaur image on card stock, and used that as a pattern.  Not so surprisingly I had everything that I needed to make this little dino in my craft closet, even in the right colours.  Having all of the materials excites and scares the you know what out of me, the hording of craft supplies is a post for another day.

Keep crafting, creating and losing baby teeth.

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