Growth Charts

When my first son was born we lived in a two bedroom apartment, so tracking his growth old school on a door frame wasn’t going to happen. A paper chart taped to the wall just didn’t have the importance factor that I was looking for, so I came up with this fabric growth chart.  I saw other growth charts that I liked as well but I was also thinking about how easily I could transport the growth chart if we were to move.  The design I came up with rolls up to about 1″ diameter and 9″ long, which also makes it easy to mail.  I have now made a couple of these for all of the important little people in my life.   We started Sasha’s at 11 months as soon as he could stand  unsupported (February 7, 2010) and of course with the second child we weren’t quite so organized, so Logan’s began when he was closer to 18 months.

To make a growth chart start with a heavy fabric, for Logan & Ruby’s I used the left over painting drop cloth from the Cross Dressing Christmas tree project, purchased in the paint section of a hardware store.  I cut the fabric to 7″ x 4’11”.  I bound the edges with binding tape, and hemmed the top & bottom edges at the same time.  With the binding tape I made 2″ loops at the top for the dowel.  After the fabric was sewn, I used foam stamps to print the kids names & numbers.  I taped a fabric measuring tape to the fabric to use as guide for stamping the stars.  I also used painters tape to create a straight line for the names.  I had my husband cut the dowels to 9″ and gently sand the edges.  I painted the dowels a corresponding colour to the names, and after they dried, hot glued them to the inside of the binging tape loops.  Using excess binding tape I made a loop to hang the growth chart, and tied a bow and secured the loop/bow with a little hot glue.  The project took me most of an afternoon with drying time.

Happy charting, crafting and creating.

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