Sewing Lessons

A funny thing about little boys, or my little boys anyway is that any strange noise must be investigated.  If I ever want their attention I just need to make a little noise and they will come running.  So it’s a sure bet that if I start sewing, I automatically get an audience.  With the audience I get a volunteer.  In this case I was making a pillow and Sasha was my helper.  I walked him through all of the steps of making a pillow, he was interested in how the zipper would be attached, and why I was doing certain things.  He also loves to sew, which means that he presses really hard on my foot as I sew.  This time I let him wind the bobbin all by himself, he was pretty stoked.  I always forget what it’s like to be little and constantly learning.  Often I get caught up in time, I am always trying to do too many things at once and  I want to get things over with and move onto the next project.  I need to remember to enjoy the process, be patient, and respect the learning and creativity of the little people in my life.  

When I look at the pillow I think of the process, not the finished product.  Sasha and I stamped the numbers on the fabric, he helped me pick the colour for the stitches, he came with me to the fabric store (and played with cars inside of the bolts of fabric), and he helped me sew the final pillow.  This pillow is a reminder of a little foot pressing on top of mine “driving” the sewing machine, the way only a little boys imagination could.  We are working on another project together which I will write about soon.

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