Teepee Adventures

postMonths (maybe even a year) ago I picked up this fun fabric at IKEA with every intention on making the boys a teepee.  The fabric lived in the closet for months, until one typical Victoria weekend it rained.  I dusted off the fabric and the sewing machine and got to work.  I searched the internet for teepee patterns, and found something that I altered to work for us.  After an hour of planning and cutting, I had 5 large triangles.  I sewed them together and made a teepee.  I bought some dowels at Rona, cut them, painted the ends and assembled the teepee.  The boys have had more hours of fun in the teepee, than it took me to make it so I consider this project a WIN.  Can you picture me pretend roasting marshmallows over a red pillow on chopsticks in my living room??  It has happened more than once in the last couple of months and I hope that it is going to happen again.  With a little fabric and creativity the house is transformed into a whole other world.  Everyone should roast marshmallows in a teepee in their living room at least once.

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