Christmas Crafting – Day 10

I have made many gingerbread houses over the years and I am getting much better at it. By getting better I mean I now buy them assembled. Not just pre-baked but pre-made. Baking and assembling gingerbread is for the professionals. It is so hard to get those pieces flat, and then getting them to stay together requires an engineering degree. So skip all of that and go right to the fun part.

I was coerced by a 4-year-old into buying this kit the other day for $9.00. I couldn’t say no. After days of being asked if we can make the gingerbread house and me putting it off, I finally gave in to the pleas. I wasn’t paying much attention when shopping with my little helper and was pleasantly surprised when I opened the gingerbread kit box and found a house already assembled. I would highly recommend buying a gingerbread kit, and even better a assembled one that only needs to be decorated. On the tenth day of Christmas my true love decorated for me…a Gingerbread House.

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