Christmas Crafting – Day 1

For years I have been doing the 12 days of Christmas crafting, and will continue this year too. The 12 days of Christmas Crafting historically has been a mix of crafts, decorations and baking ideas. This will be year number 4, so there is quite an archive of ideas already on this blog and each day I will throw in past years projects as well. Let’s kick off this year with the First Day of Christmas my true love made for me…Pom Pom Ornaments. 

My son’s school hosts a craft night each year just before Christmas. Families are invited to the school to make a craft. This is what my son’s Grade 1 class was making last year. They made them with straight pins which took forever (and they fell out), so I opted for hot glue. I bought all of the supplies at the dollar store, even the mixed packages of coloured pom poms.


  • Styrofoam ball
  • pom poms
  • hot glue gun (or straight pins)
  • ribbon


  1. Start by cutting a length of ribbon to make a hanging loop (4-6″ of ribbon), fold in half and glue both ends to the Styrofoam ball
  2. glue or pin the pom poms to the Styrofoam ball – that’s it!


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